Banan® IT, one of the most experienced IT companies, is a major supplier of KMS & ERP services and implementations in North America, Africa and the Middle East. We provide enterprise business management software for Multi Tier computing environment. We offer a packaged solution for helping companies ensure the reliability, performance and accuracy of their critical enterprise processes.

The Banan® team consists of highly experienced developers and knowledgeable ERP experts. The latter have over ten years of experience acquired from hundreds of installations for customers with all types of ERP systems.

We have a long list of satisfied customers in many different industries, including manufacturing, public sector and private sector. We have a long, successful history in dealing with huge manufacturing companies. We started working with our first client, in 1996 and they are still a client today.

We believe our in-depth KMS & ERP knowledge uniquely qualifies us to ensure the lowest risk possible for our clients, while providing tremendous value and benefit. Based on our almost a decade years of experience, we have packaged a solution based on leading industry practices, named Babylon, that we feel can greatly benefit customers in their search for a KMS & ERP solution.

For years, people have been talking about the paperless company, and the increased efficiency and accuracy of automated information. We here at Banan are firm believers in the idea of a paperless company, and have worked to move the term from a mere concept to an actuality.

Our product allows companies to take great steps toward becoming a paperless company, automating sales, customer service, and corporate communications.

Here are just a few of the tasks and resources Babylon System will take off paper and automate for you:

Sales Inquiries
Purchase orders
Order Entry
Warehouse Automation
Automation Invoicing

The manufacturing sector is one area of focus and will continue to be in the short and long terms. Our mission is to provide companies with quality integrated business solutions that optimize our customers’ processes and help them to achieve their targeted goals and objectives.

Our consultants guarantees whole-day, customer-friendly support.